Christine Hoene attended college at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, where she completed a double major in Business Management/Leadership and Business Communication. It was during school where Christine discovered her true passion for business, hoping to one day launch a business that would allow her to draw from her artistic talents and creative interests. After her undergraduate course of study, Christine went on to pursue a second degree in Interior Design and became LEED GA certified. In 2006, Christine started her career with Design Innovations, a client oriented design firm serving the commercial and residential end-markets nationwide. In her role as assistant designer, Christine worked closely with Design Innovations Founder and renowned Interior Designer, Betty Duff. Over the years Betty introduced Christine to the dynamic world of interior design, mentoring her and teaching her how to design in many styles for each client’s unique taste and deliver the highest quality results. Christine quickly found that she enjoyed working with clients to design a wide variety of spaces and needs, becoming skilled at both listening to the needs of the client and collaborating towards a creative vision. In 2013, after many years of creating amazing spaces coast to coast, Betty retired and Christine formally assumed leadership of Design Innovations, where she has begun to carry out her vision of partnering with clients to create spaces that are carefully planned, well budgeted, and designed to perfection. “I bring a diverse knowledge base of design styles and techniques learned through education and experience with a variety of projects across commercial and residential applications since I began my career. I am a detail-oriented Interior Designer, skilled in the use of color and texture. I add personal touches that customize each room in a unique and eye-catching way” says Christine.